Tuesday, June 20, 2000

Web design and 80s classics

 Kenny Smythe, (associate, NYSE), and I shared a cab, to the next spot on the party list. We both pulled out our printed email invites and realized we were sharing the cab to the same event. And onto the joint party for SpireMedia and the WDDG at Parlay on Avenue A and 13th Street, which was partially inspired by two cousins, both CTOs, of the firms. The first few folks I found were Richard Oceguera (marketing communications manager, Earthnoise.com) and Thomas Koveleskie (Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown). They were enjoying pretty colored, cosmopolitan-type drinks, while chatting with Danielle Cyr (director strategic alliances, general counsel, Gigex.com), who introduced me to Brian Rosenberg (manager of sales and sponsor relations, NYNMA). The West End Boys played over the sound system as I made my way further back. There was going to be a breakdancing act on the stage shortly, but before they did I met Todd Cherches (VP SpireMedia NY), who told me that this Denver-based company opened an office in New York recently, with his leadership, and the relationship with the WDDG. SpireMedia does full service website branding strategy development (for companies like WorldWidePants.com, Evoke and Voyant Technologies, and the WDDG is a high-end flash development company that designed such sites as the Cinamon Altoids and CampariUSA.com.

We chatted a bit more, and then I saw Britta Jepsen, an actress and friend of mine, and her boyfriend, Michael Ringer, also and actor and friend of Dakkan Abbe of the WDDG. Britta's sister just had a baby, and so did mine. So, we mused over cute baby things for a bit, and then it was back-to-work for me! I met Justin Galvin (bizdev director, WDDG) and Todd introduced me to Michael Gellman (CEO, SpireMedia). You may or may not have heard of these companies before, but they're soon going to be a big part of the Silicon Alley social scene, judging from their packed party of great guests and respective portfolios.