Thursday, June 15, 2000

No shortage of parties

Capital may not be flowing as readily as it used to, but there's been no shortage of parties -- at least not this week. Iconixx New York, formerly Lead Dog Design, threw a party to celebrate the renovation of their office on 35th Street. There were drinks, a real, live DJ (!), psychics, food from the East and the West, and a chance to win dinner at Nobu, an MP3 player or Yankees tickets.

Have a thousand fan belts that you need to unload? What about an old carburetor? Whatever it may be, you can sell and buy recycled and remanufactured auto parts at And to make sure the NY new media crowd knew about this fabulous new site, the company held a launch party at Hush. Meanwhile, up the street at Globix's NY headquarters, Dr. Michael Robinson, CEO and Chairman of, spoke on how to grow and survive in China’s new media realm.

The big party that many youthful dot-com-worker bees spoke of attending, though, was for Yazam's Spotlight party. Yazam offers international seed-stage investing and business development. Their party created an opportunity for the best plan to receive funding and to appear on "MoneyHunt," the national TV show where entrepreneurs try to get funding. Some people grumbled that the bar was shut down during the panel and presentations. But with the enticement of funding and TV exposure, many stayed and angled for the chance.