Monday, October 25, 1999

You 'oughta be in pictures, baby

Meanwhile, down in Tribeca at the Screening Room, Yahoo! Internet Life magazine was hosting a small soiree on Monday, Oct. 25, as a kickoff to their Online Film Festival, which will be March 22 and 23 in LA. Guests enjoyed a private screening of "The Definite Maybe" and then were able to chat about it at a cocktail party afterwards. This particular film holds significance, not just because of its unique theme, but also because the two guys who made it, Sam Sokolow and Matt Muhlern, did so on $100,000 and a lifetime of favors. However, despite winning the New York Independent Film Festival they still couldn't sell the film to a major studio. So, being the Internet-savvy sort of fellows that they are, they partnered with who built an Independent Film division around it. Now, all of their distribution and promotion comes from the Net. Watch out "Blair Witch!" Afterwards I chatted with Lisa Hickey and Neil Duffy of, who will have one of their daily Internet TV shorts filmed by Sam. Andy Kramer YIL's first salesman and YIL's publisher Paul Turcotte were on hand to answer questions and talk about their first online film festival. This one won't turn into one of those festivals where indies are competing against Gwyneth Paltrow cast-films, though. This one's gonna have some real meat in it!