Thursday, October 28, 1999


The next "uproarious" party was waaaaaay over in the East Village at the Ace Bar, for Now *this* was a costume party! Sister Mary Paul Debraccio and Susan "Janice Joplin" McNamee were there to greet guests. Paul told me they had a great turnout at their Tuesday night party in San Francisco in the Mission. There were lots of Gist-ers--Andrew Wallenstein, John Pomponio, Brian Willis, Keith Walter and Chris Li. "Wise Guy" Ken of and Jodie Siano of Uproar were checking out the pool game--Debbie Newman was making a killing! Shannon "Pippi Longstocking" Doyle was passing out drink passes as Mike Essl of Chopping Block and some friends came in. Ankur and I sampled some of the veggie treats, but passed on the candy corns as we had some more turf to check out! Uproar Pumpkins Many Scott, Ken and Ankur
Debbie Newman and the Flapper Woman!
Sister Mary Paul Debraccio, Susan "Janice Joplin" McNamee
The Fluffy Cat, Sister Mary Paul Debraccio, Susan "Janice Joplin" McNamee