Friday, October 08, 1999

Internet World: And they're off! Another night of parties!

Conveniently placed at their booth, I stopped by 224-year old Bowne's party for some greasy Chinese food and to learn a bit about their offerings of consulting services for such major clients like Merrill Lynch. In addition to their managing, repurposing and distributing information and helping clients adapt and translate their technology products for local markets around the world, they offer e-commerce solutions. Before the press prowl took off, I took off myself to visit Interactive Apps' loft and meet up with this interesting design firm. Miles Fawcett, president/CEO, explained to me that this Washington, DC-headquartered firm does work mostly for foundations and non-profits. Their clean design and studio in NYC reflected their wholesome approach and down-to-earth attitude. David Goldsmith, VP/strategic development, told me about the Morino Institute's Netpreneur Exchange ( And Tracy Myer told me about Eve Simon, their art director, who's been a Cyber Scene-ster for some time now, unbeknownst to me until now!
I trucked back to the Javits Center just in time to scramble into the HumVee Stretch limo with James Roberts (pres/CEO, The Atlantic Group), Daniel Evans (editorial researcher, PC Magazine) and a whole Hummer humming with reporters and editors. Brandon Boyt (InternetWire) entertained us with some stories of working on "Sister Act 2" and that, as much as he respects Tom Cruise, he's got a big nose. Champagne was flowing, but we were not, as Pres. Clinton clogged up 8th Avenue with his entourage. Jen Runne, myself and two other chaps hopped out mid-street and raced up to the Marriott Marquis for the party.