Tuesday, October 05, 1999

More Big Bands

Loud music prevailed as the entertainment solution for most parties this week during Internet World. However the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Swing band was keeping guests at .comeris's party at the Supper Club on Tuesday, October 5th in high style. There was much more room to dance at this soiree, that's for sure, and the buffets of sliced roast beef, crab claws, boccocini, artichokes and brushetta kept the revelers tummies full. Dana Blankenhorn (editor, A-Clue.com) and I chatted about past Internet World's and wondered if the Press Room would be able to handle all the people registered this year, especially since it hasn't changed in size from previous years. Don Pryor, CIO of .comeris chatted us up with all that they're doing. Based in Dallas, this company touts itself as an ASP (application solutions provisioner). They've got "90 times more connectivity than AT&T, OC-192's and a NOC on the backbone." Yeah, yeah, I've heard it all before. My! How times have changed. Mr. Pryor's enthusiasm was infective, though, and I wish them well in their pursuits.

Meanwhile, Glen Grist, Kevin and Brian of Ngage were upstairs livin' it up with some 'tini's. I stopped for a picture and then met up with Rick Barson of his own company and Steven Wright-Mark and Jeff McKinney of Schwartz PR. On my way out I ran into Edward Tomes of Veritel Corporation and Tristan Louis (back from London for a trip) who told me all about Boo.com's exciting news as they prepare for their launch.