Thursday, October 28, 1999

BOO!!!!!! Many Parties

Since I keep getting tested, I decided to live up to the challenge and attend all the parties I got invites to for Thursday, October 28th. Or, at least all the ones I managed to fit into my date book. This time, however, I brought along my trusty and excellent assistant, Ankur Shah (who happens to be the brother of PR@vantage star, Sachin). Ankur and I, in the spirit of the upcoming holiday sported some props and headed out with the camera. Check out all the sites on the site --
* * * * First we winded our way to the Snickelways' soiree at their offices where we met up with Tom Flynn, Brendon Kelly and Fedor Kisselgoff (who sported a unique name tag) of Snickelways. Felice Carson of and I sang the praises of the best interactive and music city in the country--Austin, TX!! Gerard Battarel, Connie Opfell and Thomas Burns of CapGemini had fun with our props!

Courtney and Fedor
Courtney, Tom, Gerard, Connie