Friday, October 08, 1999

Come here you wascally wabbit!

On my way out, my blinking Microsoft Windows Media button and Computer Associates bag must've attracted the attention of a group of Dallas businessmen who were convening in a private dining room for their monthly social gathering. "The Rattlers" as they call themselves, a very well-heeled assortment complete with rattlesnake belts and special bracelets, travel around the world and go hunting for fowl, fish and good times! They also support several charities and good will. Mostly involved in real estate with an oil man and film director thrown in for balance this friendly, fun-loving, successful and loveably rambunctious group welcomed me in for a glass of wine and to join them for dinner. I was entertained by their stories and struck by their willingness to include me as the only woman ever to sit in and witness their Bachelor's Dinner. Today (Friday, October 8th) they're out cruising along the Hudson for a boat trip and then weekend plans include Pheasant hunting in Connecticut. Stay tuned for some more stories on some of their various Internet investments!