Thursday, October 28, 1999

Halloween: Steven, Doug, Luke

And with that flurry of photos we fled to the party downstairs at the Wetlands. was founded by three very dynamic and charming men--Luke McCormick (CEO), Steve Eichner (Chairman) and Doug Haxall (CTO). They've got cool cards where each one has a different photo. Steve's was noteworthy in that it was his shot of the Blues Travelers' live album cover that he photographed. The site is fun, beautiful and has lots of content--a daily photo contest, an "ask the pro" section, a site of the week, and searchable database. They took advantage of the site's content at each level. For instance, the search page has a photo of a man fishing (for information). An error message is coupled with a picture of a car crash in Brooklyn. For their e-commerce enabled online store, if there is a product without an image, they have used a photo of a celebrity covering their face. Even though they promise "we're all about pictures and having fun with pictures," these guys are some serious programmers too. The site uses multi-databases including active-server, Unix, NT and story-server (of which they wrote the software for Vignette). I would tell you about the rest of the people and the party, but I honestly couldn't see anything -- the room was pitch black with red lights!