Thursday, October 28, 1999

Halloween: iTurf

Actually, it was iTurf and their party in three levels of the former Barney's store. Psychedelic lights swirled, big cloth dividers stretched above, lights flipped and swiveled and walls were covered in psychedelic graffiti and youth-inspired drawings. What fun to walk through a party where most everyone was dressed up! Anatasia Gochnour of was festive, Paul Bello (iTurf) and Elise DeRenzo were dressed as tourists and Cecily Criminale of the UN School and Kevin Kosar were in cute outfits too. Phil Miano told me the party was a kickoff event for the three sites' (, and central navigation via iTurf. Laurel Wells told me the gurls just got back from LA three hours earlier for the book tour and parties with The Standard on Tuesday night.

Dennis Adamo and Howard Nevins of were hanging out with friends Ofer Cohen of and a neighbor of mine. Nearby was Nicholas Butterworth of MTVi with his fiance Ruth. Tim Coughlin shared some of his digital pics with me (we compared at the party) and introduced me to Stephen "Edward Munch's 'The Scream'" Kahn, CEO of iTurf. Jeremy Kagan of EZCD filled me in on all their successes--24 people now, launching a Latin section and advertisements in 60,000 Clairol circulars. In addition to the six more announcements they'll also have 2,000 CDs in Vogue VH1's Fashion Awards. Some people at this party might take a cue from that fashion show--there were a fair number of men dressed as "I Dream of Jeannie" and other scantily-clad women. Well, we could've stayed on much longer, dancing to Abba and Gloria Gaynor, but we also wanted to preserve energy for this weekend's parties and next week's AdTech flurry! Check out the pics on the site! iTurf -- Tom
(the guy in the pirate suit is the CFO) Philip Miano and Friend CPCS pics
Trent, Anastasia and Kyoko
Nicholas Butterworth of MTVi
and Courtney