Tuesday, October 26, 1999

The early bird catches the customer

Chris McCann (1800flowers.com), Paul Cimino (Snickelways Interactive), Anna Maria Virzi ("Internet World"), and Lance Podell (DealTime.com) were the contenders for the "e-tailing for the holidays" panel discussion at the breakfastnetwork.com's morning event. It was early Tuesday, October 26th at Bryant Park Grill and they are ready for the holidays. Ravi Chachra (Snaz.com), who was also speaking, told me before the panel how their company offers universal shopping carts for web-users to shop at up to 50 merchants (by Christmas). Snickeways offered experienced thoughts on the topic, with Fruit of the Loom as a client and Chris McCann mentioned that "flowers were just the beginning for us." Stay tuned for a wild shopping year online this holiday season! And this time the vendors will be prepared!