Monday, October 18, 1999

It's all about branding, baby (Flooz martini madness)

With martini chips as invites (for a free martini and their logo on the back) and an orange logo projecting on the sidewalk outside Lot 61, hosted a major branded martini madness on Monday, October 18th. The party was thrown for their 65 signed merchants and an even greater number of potential merchants and partners. Over 300 martini-drinking media mavens made it out on this Monday night. Partiers enjoyed the "62 martini" at Lot 61, which while I can't tell you what's in it, was orange-colored and served in a Flooz Martini glass. Why is orange the defacto color of logos for many new media firms? (please tell me!)

Anyway, in addition to all that bubbly orange-inspiration, Flooz was also previewing their new splashy $8 million ad campaign with Whoopi Goldberg as their spokesperson. Attendees could take polaroids with a life-sized cutout of Whoopi and wear it around their neck with an orange ribbon in a Flooz-branded plastic holder.

The party was also held during's three day conference at the Hilton on E-retailing99.