Friday, October 08, 1999

Internet World" Tripping out at the W

After I took leave of the warm Texan hospitality at the 21 Club, I tripped along to's party at the wily W Hotel on Lexington Ave. Wildly fashioned Arestedes DuVal of was out dancing, and Bernardo Joselevich of was just hitting the dance floor. The young trendy boot-clad, tightly clothed group grooved and grinded as Lauren Hill blasted over the speakers.  I sat down and chatted with Robin Raskin, Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director, and Patrick Dignan, Publisher, of Family PC. Robin was looking tanned and glowing and showed off her Mendhi tattoo. Everyone from Family PC got one!  They just sent out their two biggest issues ever and her thoughts on the expo. Her main thoughts were that shopping is going to get hard and that there's lots of young companies out there. Not only will we have to figure out which site we want to shop with, but we'll start getting pop-up windows advertising competitors and sales.
James Roberts of The Atlantic Group came over wearing his beably bopers (those springy alien-like headband antennae) and told us about Judy Carmichael, the accomplished jazz musician who was playing at Knickerbocker with Michael Hasaim on Wednesday, October 6th. In addition to her incredibly jazz skills, she's also a good hula hooper! [NB. The hula-hoops were gotten at the AdForce party at Webster Hall. Word is that this party was fun! People were dancing and having fun, hula hooping, playing with yo-yos as opposed to mingling with the kids posing at the SAR party.