Tuesday, October 12, 1999

Cyber Scene Social Notes

In an attempt to help faciliate better networking for new media professionals and "Scenesters," here are some points, that will be added during the weeks. They will be archived.

* Proper Dress Required (pra'-per 'dres re- 'kwird) adj 1. Articles of clothing appropriate for an event, dependent on setting, time, hostesses' wishes. 2. For classic cocktail parties a) anything retro and "classic" styled is accepted; b) Women can't go wrong in a beautiful cocktail party dress (style dependent on personal tastes); c) men will be sure to be accepted if attired in a suit; dress pants and shirt (and tie) are also acceptable. 3. Ribbons and bows, or spats and a boutonniere spruce up any old outfit with a splash of color and pizzazz. 4. For women: Pashima scarves, anything Chanel or Hermes; For men: Guerlain's Vetiver, anything Burberry's or Brooks Brothers ant. Flannels, jeans, sneakers, shredded items, wrinkled items, workout wear.