Friday, December 10, 1999

Ze partee was hoppin'

Candlelight flickered as wax dripped down the cast iron candelabras, illuminating murals of Botticelli-like angels. Golden walls sparked blue and purple in these same-colored spotlights and smoke got in your eyes as you walked through the hot sultry room at Studio Ze. This gothic-like loft was the setting for Redwood Partner's holiday party on Friday, December 10th. I came with Jeff Tyler, a reporter at Marketing News radio show. We were first greeted by the lovely Kailah Rowan and Marcelo Wainberg of Redwood.

A little further in the room, the ever trendy Dara Tyson of Pencom, with a cute leopard purse, was easing into the tightly packed room with Peter Shankman (Geek Factory), fruity cocktails in hand. Charles Millard (Prudential Securities) and Anne Gardner Kayman and Jon Gilbert (NYC Economic Development Corp.) were there schmoozin' and bein' schmoozed. Justin Model introduced me to his uncle visiting from the West Coast and boasted about his new position at

Back out in the front room, kids danced hard as the networking continued. Me? I had my fill, donned my feather hat and left the dancing to those who hadn't already had a week of it.