Thursday, December 16, 1999

Safety and Securities

There was plenty of time for scrutinized partying at corporate investigation management firm Strang Hayes Consulting's office holiday party at the New York Athletic Club on Thursday, December 16th. I spoke for a bit with Anne Hayes, who founded the company with former DEA colleague Robert Strang, and VP Eva Saketkoo told me about their new business that focuses on e-business, SVP and COO Jeffrey Mueller, and dir. of bizdev Melissa Zolin Schwartz were entertaining the remaining guests, including Gregory Keith Spence, VP & General Counsel and myself. As the evening came to a close, I headed West to Enock Interactive.

Chris Enock and Reuben Sushman of Enock were still groovin' to the tunes of the "band-that-has-no-name" when I came by to snack on a business-card sugar cookie and see what this I-active agency was up to on Thursday night. They're going to be giving and Razorfish a run for their money next year that's for sure. Starting the year off with a bang and a bell, they designed the digital wall in the Conde Nast building and on January 3rd Guiliani will hit the button lighting the NASDAQ Market Tower as the bell goes off to start the trading day.