Monday, December 06, 1999

"All I want for Christmas"

I didn't get to sit on Santa's knee and whisper my Christmas list in his ear, but I did get to pet one of his Reindeer! Mr. & Mrs. Claus were actually on their way but (most likely to rest up for the "big night" ahead), but not before I congratulated him on his "impressive delivery rate." actually might make Santa's job easier with its free shopping "companion" that allows you to compare prices while you shop at over 300 leading online stores. I spoke for a bit with CEO Cheyenne Ehrlich who told me a bit out an amazing "small world" story with one of the initial hires, funding and how his Dad played an integral role in the parties festivities (renting the Reindeer). Dad actually is reputed for having a Monkey that lit people's cigarettes at a party many years ago! (Aren't Dads great?!)
Cheyenne and I were speaking in a comfortable sitting room with great lounge-y chairs and sofas in front of a lovely, glowing fake fireplace. The snow on the floors throughout the space was a nice touch. The hors d'oeuvres were yummy and the people were nice. I got to meet Jay Fink (pres. & CEO) and Gary Saxon (principal) of The Exc.IS Group and Yolanda Friedman (Virtual Communities) and Edward Reitler, who started a law firm with 14 other lawyers not too long ago. The reindeer were cute and furry, and all in all, this holiday party was full of good cheer.