Thursday, December 09, 1999

"Holly berries and Hybridmusical"

Multimedia artist Ken Butler gave guests at Ericsson's CyberLab Holiday party a performance featuring some of his hybridmusical instruments on Thursday, December 9th at their offices in As platters of rare filet mignon and lamb chops passed us, Gordon Gould, Alex LeVine, John Costello and I chatted about office spaces and the wireless discoveries at a recent conference in Denver. Ellen Cooper of Edelman was telling us a bit later about the results of a Microsoft-Eriksson press release leak and the resulting stories and stock changes. (Microsoft fell, Eriksson and Psion rose). Troy Tyler of was looking especially spiffy in his purple silk tie and dark blue suit, and just as I was heading out I said quick "hellos" to Lori Schwab of SohoNet and Matt Straznitskas of BrainBug.