Wednesday, December 01, 1999

Community 'cross country

Once safely tucked in the warmth of my taxi, I whizzed downtown to check out the LAwNMoweR (The LA New Media Roundtable) event at the Digital Clubhouse in 55 Broad Street. This was the 7th Annual Interactive Titlesfest that included live cybercasts of keynotes in LA, San Francisco and New York, a roundtable featuring the Broadband Builders Alliance and then a "Battle of the Internet Stars in Interactiveland." And what did it really amount to? Well, in NY, not much. Blame it on the cold weather, not enough buzz or "partnering," or maybe LawNMoweR just has lost its edge with the Silicon Alley types. I commend the efforts to push the envelope with the cybercasts, broadcasts and involving communities cross the country. I wish I'd gotten there earlier to see if there was more of a buzz on the West Coast. However, sometimes it's just a matter of some events succeeding and others failing.