Wednesday, December 15, 1999

Over a river and through the woods...

Actually not quite over a river, but a block from the Hudson River, Medsite had their "closing" and Holiday party at Lot 61 on Wednesday, December 15th. Adam Cooper rushed over to say Hello - I hadn't seen him since his days at iVillage. With a one-day respite, he moved over to this "home on the Internet for doctors" three months ago. Adam introduced me to Tom Feitel, SVP of marketing and CFO Greg Scott. We munched on some jumbo shrimps, stuffed with sticky rice and wrapped in a string noodle with tamarind sauce as we discussed some of the recent growth of this company. Madonna's music grooved over the sound system and more yummy empanadas, salmon wraps and spring rolls passed by us.

I made my way around the bar to chat with Pat LaVecchia, Lee Stettner, Max Haspel, and Julie Burke of Credit Suisse First Boston. They were chatting about how this is the new way for CSFB to celebrate "closings." Lee explained that traditionally, closing dinners were done in stodgy old restaurants. Well, he continued, the new way is to have an Internet party. He thinks Medsite is a great company and the top medial and "ehealth" site on the Internet. Lee was responsible in large part for the $50 million raised.

Alison Tucker, an ebusiness and ecommerce consultant, and I chatted a bit about some of the season's best parties. I have to admit,'s was the splashiest so far, and's was the most unique!