Thursday, December 09, 1999

Naughty Angels and Webgrrls

Elvis Sinatra crooned "Where do naughty angels come from? I don't have a clue. Do they come from deep dark secrets, or out of the blue?" as Webgrrls sat around tall tables and mused at this veritable virtual Romeo. Their holiday party was set at Detour on East 13th Street and offered the soothing and melodic tunes of this famed lounge act who sings with a virtual band (if you've never seen a singer completely synchronized with their band -- projected on a screen, this is something to see!). Webgrrls, Good Angels through and through also benefited the Make a Wish Foundation at their party with a $10 donation to help buy a computer for a terminally ill girl. I met Shelagh Montgomery and Jen Larsen, both of PSINet and 1st timers at a Webgrrls event. Jennifer McCarthy and Sal Petronella of The Creative Group stopped by for some refreshments from their whirlwind tour and freelancer-placement jobs. "Schmoozmeister" and publicist for Elvis Sinatra, Patty Garcia promptly put silver sticker stars on guests as name badges. Mary Katherine Rafferty, who does image consulting, was there for the festivities and Webgrrls-cornerstone-doyenne Eileen Shulock was calmly assisting at the door, relaxing amidst our busy holiday season.