Monday, December 13, 1999

Let them eat cake

Thick, rich chocolate cake sat on the table, oozing delectable yumminess for the guests at the New York Software Industry Association's member holiday party on Monday, December 13th. It didn't go unnoticed at the IBM headquarters on Madison Avenue as I watched more than a few people walk off with some. Edward Martino, of IBM and Vice Chair of the NYSIA board, John Tepper Merlin of the NYC Comptroller's Office and the principal author of the Comptroller's Software Report, WWWAC-list vigilante Jen Runne (in sparkly eyeliner and bright fuchsia lipstick) and NYSIA president Bruce Bernstein posed for a picture before Bruce told me of their Nerd's Night Out results. Their big fundraiser for the Thomas Edison High School's robotics team was so successful they raised $21,000 dollars. Christine Rizzuto of IBM and Carmen Roman-Medina of NYSIA were among some of the supportive women who came out on this rainy night. Larry Aronson, NYSIA and WWWAC board member, began a discussion with Lou Giacolone (Richmond Research, Inc.) about predictions for the business next year as Bruce Strzelczyk (Richard A. Eisnor) and David De Santo (Cyber Solutions) listened on. Larry sees a tough year ahead and lots of lost revenue from banner ads not getting paid by defunct firms. Lou is optimistic and sees a great year. Murray Gordon, president of Quetzal and Michael Pinto (Vanguard) were also there.