Monday, December 06, 1999

From the "Real World" to "Real Abs"

I confess. I never had cable television growing up. Actually, I never really wanted or needed it. I was too happy playing "office" or Xeroxing my face on the copier in Dad's home-office. But all that time I spent running around playing outside or diligently studying, I missed many episodes of MTV's "Real World." Hence, I never got to know the inner struggles and lives of some teens that were documented in this show. You can imagine my surprise and bewilderment when upon entering Bond Street Restaurant to find my friend Owen Davis demoing his Sonata software in a little preview party (, I found a group of buff men in t-shirts being interviewed by two well-endowed toothpicks for their beat on the fashion scene.
"Excuse me, are you here for the Sonata preview?" "No--Eric's being interviewed." "Who?" "You know, Eric, from the "Real World." "Oh. I see. Which one is Eric?" "Right there. In the T-shirt." "Oh. Who is he?"
More revealing conversation ensued and after sufficient confusion, I left. (Owen's preview was actually earlier in the day.) You can imagine then my glee to be sent the following Web sites:, Ohhhhh. Now I see who "Eric" is! He's the washboard-abs beefcake, doe-eyed stud who's just developed an AB-machine with his equally sexy football-player brother John.
Wow. Another day of never ending wonders. What will happen next?