Thursday, December 09, 1999

(link)Sharing Ingredients

In a classic leopard headband, pinstriped powersuit skirt and with a fashionable attachÈ case, Heidi Messer slipped out of her office as many other beautiful people still mingled in the Linkshare lobby. Still enjoying a glass of Chardonnay and one of those tough-to-daintily-eat-but-oh-so-yummy spicy vegetable dumplings, the guests were participating in the and's partnership launch party.

In a beautiful cerulean sweater and matching blue-crystal choker, Kathy Reilly, VP of Customer Loyalty at and I managed one of those dumplings as we chatted about my black-tie benefit last Thursday, which she, Josh Grotstein (Citibank) and his wife enjoyed very much. She also told me of a hot new spot due to open in March, where we might just have that month's "Cocktails with Courtney." Erika Faust (director of mrktg, iVillage) and Beth Strobel (VP, mrktg/GM, joined in for a picture before I turned to meet other guests.

Speaking of other guests, Hani Elnaggar (VP of People) introduced me to PJ Stafford, CEO, Co-founder of Expression Engines, a plug-in that allows users to personalize emails with banners, images and notes. Just settling in from their move East from San Francisco and excited to be a part of the Linkshare partnership. Jennifer Gilbert (Advertising Age) and Sharon Klahr (Creativity) joined me in sampling some of the fine treats, and Joelle Klein came over to say hello and let me know how she's enjoying her relatively new post as Head Writer over at iVillage. Pamela Ellman (Fairchild Publications) was chatting with her friend and former colleague Maura Curtin, who's now dir. marcom at

Fine dressing obviously runs in the Messer household because Heidi's brother Stephen was also at the party, in a splendidly crisp blue shirt. He introduced me to three lads from Their Zagat's-like guide, distributed with online orders, helps online shoppers pick the best vendors from others. And with that, this discerning party-er gathered her things and headed on to the next venue.