Friday, December 17, 1999

Swingin' singles, Real hot rods and Tons-o-Toys

"Is that a camera in your pocket or are you excited to see me?" Her big brown eyes popped out from under a tall fuzzy white hat as NYNMA board member Mark Stahlman revealed a major lens attributed silver Sony CyberShot digital camera to Marghretta McBean (president of Fixed Earth Enterprises) and myself. It was a digital camera, and it was impressive! But then again, most of what Mark reveals is impressive.

Jonathan Perkel ( came over and told me about some hip-hop parties later in the week and Stephanie Agresta (Chair of Member Relations, NYNMA) came bouncing over to tell me of the successful evening the New York New Media Association had at its member Holiday party. Over 600 toys and a $10,000 matching gift by EMC Corporation were culled for the Toys for Tots campaign.
Sponsored by Alexander Ogilvy, EMC and Akamai Technologies, the "Toys 2 K" E-Commerce Campaign brought out the best of both worlds. Renee Edelman (PR 21) and Lisa Boyne (, in a cute cow-print patterned skirt were there and I had a chance to catch up with former co-workers of mine, Jason Valdina (formerly of Brand Dialogue, now of Scient) and Aimee Soto (Darwin Digital). Carl Gambello, William Kohut and Patrick Rice of Cisco were there with Julie Anderson (consultant) and Eric Minkiewicz ( I met Laura Auerbach (Citibank) who wore a lovely black velvet gown and pretty rhinestone necklace and was chatting with Felice Carson (

Olivier Attia (PriceWaterhouseCoopers) and Nikki LeSage (Time Inc.) were there chatting with Mr. Randall ( who brought me up to date on his Master Calendar of Charity Benefits site and reminisced about the time when Kyle Shannon, co-founder taught him about FTP. Raphi Salem (Salem Global) gave me some Hanukkah chocolates and a dreidl, and introduced me to Wendy Schachner. I also met Julie-Ayn Steiger of NYNMA. Ellen Auwater (NYNMA) and Alice O'Rourke (NYNMA, Executive Director) looked lovely in their holiday dresses. And Alice's Christmas-tree-ornament inspired bracelet was an eye-catching as the twinkle in her eye as we discussed the successful event.