Sunday, December 26, 1999

Okay, now the fun stuff: Splashy details for the particulars

Now, what really happened online for all us real 'Netnauts? Well, we saw lots of significant IPOs: in May,'s in December, and we saw millions of dollars pour into our faire e-towne to support, buy and deal with many of our friends (and competitors) companies.
But we also saw the fading of plaid flannels to slick pleather pants and beat-up Doc Martens to pointy CK spike-heels. Kidding! We did see a nice change in the average New York 'Net users wardrobe, however. Gone were parties with all jeans and sneakers. Gone were the parties with just beer and pretzels. Gone were the Caesar hair-cuts and Jennifer Aniston shags. Okay, not everything changed. At least I don't have to tell inquirers what "Proper Dress Required" means for my cocktail parties. I did, however, have to insist that my black tie benefit for was indeed Black Tie.

We saw companies like move into big lofty lofts and have sex-studded parties. And we saw Sonicnet and MTVi throw some racy riotous times in small, cramped, tripled-tiered South-Eastern Soho hangs. Pseudo is goin' mainstream -- sort of -- with more management changes and "upscaling" of their offices that it's a wonder the mail room knows where they're delivering mail and for whom., and Hyperspace Cowgirls all have dynamic leaders behind them, and NYC Marathoner-David Friendensohn, enterprising Isabel Walcott and creative Susan Shaw all have more growth and development on their horizons. If my predictions see the light of day, then a more intuitive web might not be too far along, and maybe we could even converse with our sites and coax changes verbally with Catherine Winchester's Soliloquy.

Of course iXL is perfectly primed for next year's wave of increased interactive TV, broadband and streamlined, useful sites with their diverse company. They also would win the most Charitable organization with significant contributions to MOUSE and The Fresh Air Fund and a stellar volunteerism policy for employees.

Owen Davis has taken The Thinking Media from a vision to a reality over the years and I must admit, each morning that I see dark circles under my eyes from a late night at the office I remember those early WWWAC pre-board meetings over glasses of red wine when he was starting his company and writing a book.

Tery Spataro, a personal friend, had mentored me and provided more guidance and support for more woman than any one I know -- other than Aliza Sherman, of course!

And where would we all be if NYNMA's Alice O'Rourke and the program committee hadn't made so many of their panels and 'Suds such "sold-out-but-must-attend" events?! I remember her first welcoming speech at an Education SIG meeting in early 1998. She was new to new media, but she had lots of interest and energy. And I know personally what one can do with ample doses of those two ingredients.

So what's to come next year with The Cyber Scene and its sister Cocktails with Courtney? The same coverage you crave, the same quality networking you desire, but with more cities added to the roster, an Internet-based TV show (stay tuned here for details) and -- yes, even some e-commerce! You'll be buying classic cufflinks for your beau and haute couture inspired scarves for your honey. Of course there are a few other secrets that we can't let out of the bag just yet too!

Most importantly, though, is that this wonderful world and web create a perfect situation to be able to not predict practically anything! If you follow your passion (or your nose) you just might get somewhere really neat that you didn't intend. And that's sometimes the best intention -- to follow your dreams and go where you dared to think you could!

I am blessed with all your support and interest. I thrive on your comments and criticisms. I hope to continue to offer quality and entertaining information for all The Cyber Scene readers and more into our next year!