Wednesday, July 19, 2000

Tunes with Amy and John

I was pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere and people John Mcgann and

Amy Brownstein's cabaret act. Held at the recently, reopened New Age

Cabaret, the two electrically and eloquently led the crowd through an

evening of young and musically talented entertainers.  It was quite

refreshing to sit in a cafÈ-lounge sipping cappuccino, listening to the

strings of John. Record producer John Hanti was also present at the show.

Mr. Hanti co-produced several of McGann's songs, including '4th of July'

and 'Stranded', along with Roy Cicala, former owner of the legendary

Record Plant where he engineered most of the

late-and-not-always-so-great-to-other-people John Lennon's solo records

that came out of NYC. Mr. Hanti is currently the proprietor of Iiwii

Studios, a tremendous recording facility in Weehawken, NJ.
- Joanna Fabozzi