Friday, July 28, 2000

Digital Club Festival Floats

With Jupiter's Plug-In conference and the Digital Club Festival occurring this week as well, there were all sorts of people in town and music-related festivities to choose from. Tuesday night held the Digital
Club Festival closing night party at Float. As I arrived, Digital Club Network CEO Andrew Rasiej introduced me to Greg Scholl, principal managing member of Carlin Ventures. Cyber-photographer du momente, Carl Saytor, and I reminisced about the MTVi party months ago with fire trucks and mob scenes. Jim Rich, testing manager of was downstairs, and we chatted amidst boogiers. Patty Abt, who works at the Museum of Natural History, was at the party with a new media graphic artists and comments that the "party was tragic and desperate with pre- and post- disillusionment." Quite a statement from someone whose friends were all punked-out and jivin' and grindin' hips in conga-line fashion. But it was true, nonetheless. The young, skinny, New York nightlife crowd persona pervaded the blue-light, heavy bass-soaked club. And if you weren't careful, you could get soaked yourself in a Cosmopolitan bath as these young hipsters paraded around carelessly pointing with their drinks.