Thursday, July 20, 2000

NYNMA CyberSuds

Denise Hungerford, communications director at Jumpcut, and I headed over

to NYNMA's CyberSuds├┤ on Thursday, July 20th.  As we arrived we soon began

to chat with Christine Collom-Yang, marketing program manager of Intel.

She briefed me on the e-business solutions that will move customers faster

and more intelligently. Intel also had an odd but good assortment of

knick-knack's at their booth--their trademark space men dolls, phone lines

and water bottles.  Moving through the very large crowd, I finally met the

esteemed and hard-working Ellen Auwarter, director of NYNMA's Education

Programs. Ellen bubbled forth with tres emotion about her upcoming vacance

en France. She also mentioned that it's not too early to save-the-date for

the very large September NYNMA's Super CyberSuds(TM) 2000. I then headed

over to speak with Justin Segal, co-founder and VP of corporate

development of  We chatted about the Webby awards and his

involvement as a judge for the Services area. How fun! I soon met Barbara

Close, director business development, and was drawn into conversation

about the industry and strategically managed to formulate a new business

model within 20 minutes, entrepreneurs at heart!

As they turned off the music and on the lights, I met Jody Brown, director

of consulting services for  We exchanged ideas about

designing handbags with the appropriate mix of elegance and functionality.

On that note, I left with my petite silk purse in hand weaving through the

streets of Manhattan.
- Joanna Fabozzi