Sunday, July 16, 2000

The Cocktail Club Event

Tuesday evening was a quiet one in New York but none the less exciting.

Courtney sent me to the Cocktail Club event on Tuesday, July 19.  As we

shared a cab to the East Side she entertained me with the fascinating

stories from the beginning days in the Alley. Before I knew it we were in

front of the Onion Bar and the second official meeting of the "Cocktail

Club " hosted by Patty McDonough.  As I climbed the stairs I was

graciously greeted by the Stoli representative, Ben, who quickly handed me

a ticket to redeem my free Stoli drink.  Although he was unaware about the

details of the event, he sure knew his vodka drinks.  (Now thatís what I

call good employee training!)

As I approached the bar, Michael Reeves and Steven Krammer of

Implementation Specialists, Inc. kindly made room for me so I could order

one of the many fruity drinks offered.  We began chatting about their

company and work.  Can you believe Michael lives in Michigan and Steven

lives in Washington and both commute to New York weekly?

I soon was introduced to the hostess for the evening Patty McDonough. She

began telling me about the history of the Cocktail Club and how it was

started. As I was talking to her, a lively soul gave me a sneak peak of

the WebDive T-shirts (very cool!) and then quickly we realized we met in

previous cyber lives.  Peter Shankman of, is currently

heading up the Alley shake-up web dive.  We began giving each other a bit

of support because jumping out of a plane from 10,000 feet above makes me

queasy. I then moved onto the next event in order to provide you with the

fullest knowledge of the Internet networking industry.