Wednesday, July 05, 2000

Sex, the truth and Shortfest

What do you get when you combine Star Wars and unethical psychiatrists? A party! Among the shorts being shown were a documentary on people who camp out all night to see Star Wars and a sick flick about a therapist who puts a camera in his room to record his sexual harassment of patients. The first film got laughs and support, but the second film was, frankly, difficult to watch. Sponsored by, the Village Voice, and the "Sexy Summer Movie Madness" party at Obeca Li brought out a respectable number, despite the slow week. I chatted with man of the night Matt Heindl about his 4th of July. New Venue's Jason Wishnow explained that no one even told him his film (the Star Wars one) was shown that night. It was commissioned by the UK-based, and he told me about the interesting negotiations that occurred. He'll be curating's flicks for the next few months, in addition to managing his 4-year old site -- one of the first to show shorts on the Web. Freelance editors Lila Place and Tia Schellstede were enjoying some of the night's elements, and before jetting off I met Summer Short Festival director John Starace and bid good-night to Daniel Holton-Roth of Broome Street Media.