Wednesday, July 26, 2000

The Myers Forum for Interactive Television Development ~ by Mary Dawne Arden

The Myers Forum for Interactive Television Development was held on July 25
and 26 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York. More than a thousand Media
Industry attendees and leaders attended a two-day, action-packed forum of
panels and demos about how PTV (Personal TV) is racing ahead. Myers
Reports predicts this burgeoning industry to surge to $32.1 Billion by
2006. The Forum is created by Jack Myers CEO and Chief Economist of Myers
Reports, which publishes syndicated, proprietary and custom research
reports for investment decisions related to the Media Industry.

One of the Highlights of the Forum was the award to Dr. Frank Stanton
(former president of CBS ≠ TV and one of the pioneers and great media
leaders of the 20th Century) as "Media Executive of the Millennium."
Companies that had a presence at this forum were Microsoft/WebTV,
Microsoft TV, Replay TV, Yamaha Disklavier Pianos, ICTV,
Worldnow, Gamut Interactive, Worldgate, Random/Order, Canal+US, Wink and

Some Myers Forecasts:
- ITV will drive significant expansion of e-commerce revenues, especially
in relation to TV programming and advertisers.

- The Internet and TV will become increasingly integrated, with more than
two-thirds of all adults saying they would like to receive the Internet
over TV and TV over the Internet.

- Myers Reports launched three new corporate outreach programs at this
Focusing on Multi-Cultural, Women Executives and Student initiatives.