Tuesday, July 11, 2000

First impressions

I flew out to Denver for our first cocktail party there on Tuesday, July 11. After checking into the massive Adams Mark Hotel in the LoDo (Lower Downtown) part of Denver, compliments of Bid4Vacations.com, I caught a few Zzz's before a busy few days in this burgeoning metropolis. There's a new convention center, a big Performing Arts Center, Coors Field, a new Pepsi Center and, of course, the Ilitches amusement park in this State's capitol. I had a view of the pool and the Capitol from my room, both tempting to visit in the record 15-day stretch of 90-degree weather, for some cooling refreshment and a break from routine. Instead, I worked in my room and then headed out to Englewood to meet Trip.com's 30-day old CEO Mark Mastrini.