Wednesday, July 05, 2000

Cheetah Celebrations

While all the new media mavericks were out and about on beaches, mountains and in the city, dot-com parties per se were few (thankfully). I enjoyed the fireworks display from the Hudson River view, while CheetahMail offered views of Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty from their lower Manhattan office's 30th floor. Laura Allen of CheetahMail sent in this recap of their "successful bash boasting an impressive mix of new comers to the dot-com world along with those who helped to create it. Rahul Sabnis, CEO of the design shop NewMantra (, was on hand along with Ven Medabalmi, CEO of the back-end tech shop madscience ( New-to-the-scene CEOs Christopher Rotter and Sara Simmons of the newly formed were also on hand. Rotter and Simmons may have the most unique dot-com product of the new millennium. They hand cast and paint collectable toy soldiers that they intend to sell exclusively via their website. Familiar faces included Sharon Tolpin, director of corporate communications for Solbright and the always hysterical David Talon, chief strategy officer and side kick, (according to his card), of Jason Zenna sales guru of Hot Socket was also enjoying the festivities. Powerhouse publicist Charly Rok of the PR giant Kratz & Jensen was enjoying the gorgeous display of fireworks. Eats included all-American greasy favorites like mozzerella sticks, potato knishes and of course no 4th of July would be complete without Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. The crowd of 100 people had a fabulous time and there were many Cheetahs there too, enjoying their signature drink--a secret concoction that includes mint. The founders of CheetahMail Irene Pedraza and David Villeger looked classic in their attire; a floor length black velvet gown for her and a navy silk shirt and tie for him. They promise a larger party next time to accommodate all of those who couldn't get on the list for this one.