Thursday, July 20, 2000

Another Barlow Frenzy

When John Perry Barlow speaks, people listen. And when he comes into town,

whichever town it may be, people come together. And converge they did at

Lot 61 on Thursday, July 20th, to meet and mingle and find out a bit about Amy Larocca, fashion writer for Vogue, was perched

outside as she was doing a story on Daisy (who works at Lot 61, in

addition to doing a lot of other things), for the Times magazine. Inside I

recognized Maya Draisin and David-Michel Davies of The Webby Awards. They

were in town with Tiffany Schlain and some other Webby-related folks for

the MacWorld expo ( at the Javits Center. We got some

time to catch up and hang out, which was harder to do amidst the busy

Webby days! ( Joanna Fabozzi of Courtney

Pulitzer Creations was chatting it up with all the handsome dudes in the

room, including Dave Skaff of the Webbys and John McGann of JDM. Meanwhile

Catrina Gregory and Amy Brownstein were a dynamic duo in their black and

pink outfits.

David Schwartz of Boston-based introduced himself. Andrew

Macaulay, with Forbes' AdSales department was entertaining clients earlier

that evening and was quite curious about our friends and the "industry."

He even bought us all Lemon Drop shots! Amidst the excellent mood-tunes

and clamoring cluster of friends eager to have their turn to say


Barlow and I chatted about some interesting ways to collaborate (stay

tuned!). It was getting late, and this reporter needed her beauty rest!