Tuesday, July 11, 2000

Caution! First Tuesday

The week begins with our lovely European friends " First Tuesday." Held at the popular club Ohm, the room filled up with 300 to 400 attendees on Tuesday, July 11.  As I made my way to the dumplings I was stopped by Priyan owner of fine jewelry site http://www.lynnebrill.net and invited to his debut Priyan Silva Summer Lawn SoirĂ©e at his home in the Hamptons this Saturday. His cavalier attitude was sufficient for us to surmise it might be safer to stay home!

Moving forward, Phillip Karlsson CEO of MyOrders.com graciously introduced himself to me while munching on the dumplings and cheese. He and Johnathan Rosenberg, executive producer at My Orders.com are in the process of introducing revolutionary services to all business and vendors. They explained to me with enthusiasm all aspects of MyOrders.com and that they are new residents to New York, moving here from Utica. Welcome to the Big Apple, boys! 

As I began to make my way thought the dense crowd, I began to realize much of the crowd was dense.  I glanced left and right for a familiar face in this audience and soon realized I lost my partner in crime, Nicole, to Bob Banderas of WestLake Investing.  He lured her into conversation describing the last company he invested. The conversation somehow turned sadly into talk of eel (his favorite dish).  Yikes!  Meanwhile, I began speaking with the young and striking Mazen Ghalayini. A student at the University of Illinois, he is working for AT&T for the summer in Bridgeport, New Jersey.  Mazen was quite eager to give me his number and email but realized he handed all his cards out to potential business partners.  I glanced around the room to look for a napkin so I could write Mazen's number down when this sparkle from the floor caught my eyes.  The sparkle said "401 ways to impress her in bed…".  Mazen proceeded to write his name, number and email down hoping that he knows all 401 ways. As I dashed out, I quickly rescued my good friend and colleague from the eerie and dangerous networkers looming about!

(written by my business and office managers, Joanna Fabozzi and Nicole Pascale)