Wednesday, July 26, 2000

A Concrete Space

Similar to their older offices, but "much cooler," Concrete Media's
CEO Aaron Cohen showed me around their new concrete offices in the
Starrett Lehigh building on 26th Street and 11th Avenue on Tuesday,
August 15. The mustard-yellow paneled bookshelves above the rows of
metal desk units conveys the campus-like atmosphere that Cohen was
going after. Smooth circular bathroom tiles paved the way to
fiberglass pod-conference rooms. The space-age conference phones
were still sitting in their boxes, waiting for deep new media
voices to boom out strategies and plans over it. As Aaron
explained, the company will be changing its name to Concrete Inc.
in an effort to establish itself as the intellectual center of
Silicon Alley. The space, designed by architects Specht Harpmann
and constructed by MBI, flows throughout the floor and includes
two terraces -- one will be enclosed -- for parties and catered
events.Perks for Concrete workers include select dinner parties on
the terrace and corporate membership to Chelsea Piers! As Aaron
spoke to the guests and announced unofficially the company’s
new name --Concrete Inc. -- I sipped a seltzer water with's director of bizdev Andrew Gelman and Colby Hall.
Before ducking out, Inc. COO Albert Crane said
"hello" and I spied Concrete's chief production officer Kit Cody
and director of technology Julie Hsu.



Last week's edition incorrectly identified as a spin-off from Concrete Media. is not a spin off of Concrete Media, it is an independently owned and operated career site.


"I'm writing to clear up a confusion regarding and Concrete Media. In your last newsletter you state "The Concrete Media party crowned this party week at their fabulous lofts on 26th St. CEO Aaron Cohen was talking to Chip Austin, CEO of incubator i-Hatch ...and then updated me on what Concrete Media is about these days, having spun-off" is not a spin off of Concrete Media. We are an independently owned and operated career site. I think you have confused us with another company. Would you please make a correction in your next newsletter."