Wednesday, July 12, 2000

A Fine Art Night

July 12th led me into quite an interesting experience and might I add the most relaxing event I have ever been to. Sonicnet in association with Fine Arts Management brought me to a very special performance of DJ Spooky and Daniel Bernard Roumain that took place at the new MTVi world headquarters on Broadway and 9th Street. I proceeded to experience the convergence of classical and electronic music eloquently preformed by DJ Spooky and Daniel Bernard Roumain. The gentlemen, honest and true-to-spirit discussed music as the bridge between all cultures and New York as the microcosm of the world supporting this bridge. What a wonderful place to live!  DJ Spooky showcased his talent with the power of technology producing electronic sounds via his laptop while Daniel entranced us with his violin.   Daniel is also working with Theodore Wiprud and The Music Factory--a project that allows students to learn what it is like to play in an orchestra, experience the grandeur of Carnegie Hall and even create their own masterpiece.  Bravo!

Written by: my business and office managers, Joanna Fabozzi and Nicole Pascale