Friday, July 28, 2000

MTVi draws another massive crowd

After a chat or two uptown at Float, I headed downtown to Eastern Soho,
where MTVi was holding its soiree of the summer at Chaos on Houston
Street. And chaotic it was! The mob scene outside didn't prevent me from
entry, thanks to Mark Pasetsky for catching site of me at the door. I made
quick and headed into the club with's director of
communications Denise Hungerford and account executive Peter Ciriello.
"Having-a-good-week Nick Butterworth" surveyed from a balcony the mass of
young, skinny, uber sleek-chic-kids below, with approval and commented
about how he can still draw them in Jumpcut's CEO Mark Scarpa, in a
flattering blue dress shirt, introduced me to some friends as I made my
way 'round the is-this-thing-fire-approved balcony to chat with
investor Todd Georgen and SonicNet's Kamuti Kiteme. The joint was jumpin'
and jump did I to be well-rested for the rest of the week.