Monday, March 15, 1999

SXSW Speakeasy Soiree

I met up with Spain and Wolff at Hoovers' private reception at a truly hidden but poplar Speakeasy. You gained access to the establishment from a smoothly polished wood door in a small alley. Inside it was like any dark wood-paneled, brass and forest green decorated classy pub. A band sang jazz and blues and upstairs guest enjoyed a wide array of finger food sandwiches, tartlets, cheese and crackers and melt-in-your-mouth Viennese brownies. My guest (and personal chauffeur!) for the evening was Eric Olsson who's role as new business development at Novare was perfectly suited for attending multiple events and meeting people. Mary Mickle, an editor with Hoovers told me and Cecil Winzer, a co-founder of, how Hoovers has a significantly large group of editors. Cecil, in a crisp maroon shirt and matching tie, gave us the history of how he and three of his rugby friends founded their company four years ago. Their 3300 square feet offices are near UT and have 40 employees locally and 100 nationwide. Lucy Mohl, a film critic for 10 years and who founded was chatting it up with Wolff, and I met Tara Fatemi, a writer at Hoovers, who looked artistically elegant with an icy white scarf as an accessory. Enrique Gonzales, editor of Hispanic On-line and Eric Periche, director of on-line technology at Hoovers were giving me the scoop on who's plugged into the scene. Lisa Glass and Stephanie Dodds were doing a fine job in their communication and PR roles, mingling about. Chuck Green of Caprock Media; David Avery, director of the Internet development group at Human Code; David Reid, design director at Tripod and D.C. Toedt III of Arnold, White & Durkee were also enjoying the libations and good vibrations at Hoovers.