Friday, March 05, 1999

The Cyber Scene in Vancouver, by John McLean-Foreman

"Hey, uh..." snap, snap, snap went the fingers, "you're that guy."
"Yeah that's me." I agreed.
"Bob right?"
"John actually."
"And uh, you're in..."
I opened my mouth but he stayed my remark by holding up his hand.
"No, don't tell me... Educational Software."
"Video games."
Ah fame.
Good thing that I did not have these celebrity crazed fans around me all the time or I might never have been able to get out of my house. I am however a devious bastard by nature and so managed to sneak away with relative ease.

I went on two tours this week. The first was to Credo Interactive Inc. ( ) Ken Bryson showed me about the office and gave me a quick demonstration of their product. He seemed a little confused as to what exactly it was that I wanted, but he was very obliging. The product is called "Life Forms 3.0". It's a 3D animation program that I'm told is easy to use--not that I would know. What struck me the most were the different markets for this product. Ken said that anything that requires the aid of three-dimensional visuals is a viable market (video games, movies, 3D animation, etc.). My two favorite markets were choreography and forensics, both of which seem to me to be clever ideas for this kind of product.

The other tour was of the company that I mentioned last week: Ingenuity Works Inc. (they're the one's doing the bike tour of Canada). Cris Leykauf was kind enough to show me around the offices. For a company that deals with educational software, they were
much, much bigger than I expected them to be, which just shows my ignorance I suppose. I would guess that it has a great deal to do with Gary Gumley (President and CEO) who is most definitely visionary and very big on giving credit to those who work with him. I left the offices feeling inspired and excited for the future of education.

New Media BC held an event on Canadians doing business in the US. The speakers were: Greg Boos, Attorney at Law. He spoke about the various visas that a Canadian can get. Max Legg, CPA. He dealt mainly with the way governments are all trying to get the biggest slice of Tax-pie possible. Scott Orange, President of NewGrowth Communications, Inc. spoke about marketing and the processes thereof. Douglas McCracken, Commercial Officer for the Canadian Consulate General in Seattle, told us about the various ways in which they can help Canadians who are, or will be doing, business in the United States.

Next Thursday morning, March 11th at 7:30am, New Media BC will hold this year's third breakfast meeting. Don Mattrick, President of Electronic Arts Worldwide Studios, will be talking about how he built the largest
interactive entertainment software company in the world (sales last year were over $1 billion dollars). If you want to find out more or reserve your seat, contact Jodaye Garner by phone (604) 739-9878 or by email: