Tuesday, March 30, 1999

Fast Company's Agenda Setters

Like the Daffodils and Tulips, Silicon Alley parties are sprouting up in multitudes. And April brought no shortage of blooming events to attend. Rounding out the month of March were the "Fast Company" magazine's party in honor of their Agenda setters and the On-line Hip Hop awards show, honoring Webmasters who spread the spirit of Hip-Hop on the Internet. April started up a number of small soirees and thought-provoking conferences. A few firms and our own AlleyCat expanded space and staff -- and celebrated accordingly. And things left off with spring affairs for the UJA and the Pulitzer Prize announcements.

In honor of their Agenda setters and the issue titled in honor of them, "Fast Company" hosted a gathering on Tuesday, March 30th. If you haven't seen their current issue, it's all about the people, teams, and organizations that are addressing the business issues that matter in our future. Among the early attendees at the event were some of last year's agenda setters including Gordon Whitener (Interface Americas, Inc.) and Al West (SCI Investments). Polly LaBarre (senior editor, FC) and Julian Lowin (Associate Publisher) mixed with other agenda setters like Commander Mike Abrashoff (deputy director, global information and network systems for the Navy). He held a captive audience of myself and Alan Webber (founding editor, FC) as he told us about what his Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command unit does.