Friday, March 19, 1999

SXSW More Parties Than You Can Shake A Tumbleweed At

THE PARTIES (and a sick bat): party @ Speakeasy, Her Domain and Reel Women @ Club De Ville, Home Page @, Alternative realities and laughs at Fringeware

Austin's Interactive Scene (what is it? who's in it?) and Beethoven's 9th Symphony

The BLO and Hacktivism: Bruce Sterling's sterling moderation of R.U. Sirius, Ray Thomas, Alex Sheshunoff and Steven Wray -- What would YOU do with $50 million and why is Bill Gates a "little cyber freak?"

Interface Design as Social Architecture: Monkey Media's brain-child Eric Gould, my personal hero--Nick West (formerly of NYU's YORB), witty and well spoken Peter Merholz, the brilliant Marcos Novak, and talented Paula Wellings discuss innovative, revolutionary design concepts and SEX

MORE PARTIES: Bruce Sterling's architectural delightful home, a flying Justin Hall

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