Friday, March 19, 1999

The SXSW LineUp

Opening Night Party with Silicon Alleyers Vivian Selbo, Maura Johnston, Ron English and Jaime Levy as contenders for awards.

Aliza Sherman's panel -- Women Community Sites -- find out about Maura's interesting example of women sharing information on, and the call to action for all women!

Robots and Bras made from metal! (Soon at a Cocktails With Courtney?!)

Physicadelic brain games! Cool, man!

Frogs everywhere! (and I don't mean the French)

The dramatic pause in Michael Wolff's keynote

Some Zine owners don't even use spell check?! (A panel discussion with, the,,, and Ain'

Game producer resembles own creation! (Human Code's new game for girls in development)

Mark Pesce ruffles and wrastles audience members in call do create a fully-integrated web

Catch a rare pic of me kissing………………Austin Powers!