Friday, March 05, 1999

Shakers & Stirrers and Bits & Bytes

David Friedensohn reports that BigStar is making mucho progress in terms of $$, $$%, and ##s. Investments, sales and traffic are up, up, up. Looks like his business savvy has grown with his new venture!

Alright, you always wanted to see Evander Holyfield workout, right? Well you can! Just pointcher browser over to ( and you will see all the content, chats, merchandise and promotions surrounding the March 13th event you could ever want. e-Media, a full e-business, e-commerce, front and backend developer based in lovely New Canaan, CT developed the site with TVKO (the pay-per-view arm of Home Box Office), ESPN and Microsoft. e-Media will host streaming video content, including live streaming video of weigh-ins, workouts and pre- and post-fight press conferences. So check it out, order a pizza and enjoy the drama! (, produced by the dynamic brother and sister team of Rodger and Marissa Raderman, has launched and is determined to change the dynamic of the film industry for good--in favor of independent filmmakers. Filmmakers and folks with an opinion about this sort of thing (writers, film enthusiasts, web surfers, etc!) are encouraged to participate, send feedback, suggestions, and submit work. You can even give other filmmakers feedback via the automated rating system or an online review.

iVillage and Ralston Purina Company have announced a major content and e-commerce initiative for women who own pets. Ruff!

JAMTV has officially changed their name to ( and become "the Web's LARGEST music site," including MP3 downloads from major artists, Webcasting, personalization, Rolling Stone Radio, three major music pubs online (Rolling Stone, The Source and Down Beat), among many other features! Whoo!

Kokopelli New Media LLC, together with Merck & Co., redesigned and re-architected Merck's existing 3-year-old corporate site. The re-branded online identity for Merck is a result of hard work including an in-depth, online survey during a two-week promotional run, resulting in the collection of valuable data to guide the company's future online-marketing efforts.. (

Razorfish Studios acquired 100% of Simon Ventures, Ltd., which was started and previously led by Michael Simon, a New York based artist management firm, to help increase its stable of artists, as well as concentrate its efforts on continuing to produce cross-content media and develop talent. Ahem!

Not just yet-another-e-mail newsletter: SCIO Ltd., (which means "I know" in Latin), an early stage startup founded by Jeff Hearon is offering "Internet Intelligence Now," an e-mail discussion and news resource dedicated toward tracking the growing security challenges facing an increasing networked world. Hearon says, "it is clearly focused on intelligence concerning Internet infrastructure vulnerabilities as expressed in such knowledge domains as infosec, iwar/infowar, and its related geopolitical realities." SCIO LTD seeks to provide a credible perspective on these issues and remove the cloak and dagger mystic, which is often associated with these issues and to offer a resource to freely discuss these topics. SCIO has three websites under developemnt, which will cover Internet intelligence, Internet Infosec e-commerce portal, and lastly a think tank.

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