Saturday, March 27, 1999

NYU's Entrepreneurs Exchange

Saturday, March 27th I will be speaking on a panel at NYU's Entrepreuneurs Exchange Inc. 4th Annual Conference on Entrepreneurship: "Turning Your Vision Into Reality: A Survival Guide For Entrepreneurs." Keynotes include Jay Capela (Wild@Start), John Katzman (The Princeton Review), and Alan Weber (Fast Company). I am speaking at 10:15 am on "Maneuvering Through Your Environment” with Burt Alimansky (Alimansky Capital) and Nancy Ploeger (NYC Chamber of Commerce) and moderated by Michael Ringel (Let's Talk Business Network). More info:

NYU's Entrepreneurs Exchange held a seminar on Saturday, March 27th
( with interesting discussions on "Turning Your Vision into Reality" that the EE group organized. Keynotes included Jay Capela, (founder, Wild at Start), John Katzman (CEO and founder of The Princeton Review) and Polly. I spoke in the morning on Michael Ringel's ( panel of "Maneuvering Through Your Environment" with Nancy Ploeger (NYC Chamber of Commerce) and Dennis McLaughlin (CEO-Aurora Natural Gas). Michael Ringel conducted an audience-participation interaction and kept the flow going while he directed some questions to Dennis and Nancy. MBA students and EE members Lisa Kay, Jon Mensch, Andrew Heifetz, Philip Higginbotham deserve a round of applause for putting together a very professional, well-run, and interesting mini-conference.