Tuesday, March 30, 1999

On-line Hip-Hop awards

From the basement of Time café to the basement of Tramps I hopped on over to the On-line Hip-Hop awards on Tuesday, March 30th and there was quite a buzz about this event, which honored the finest hip-hop Web sites as chosen by the fans. Bob Ponce (WWWAC President) was there to  present an award, and Cecilia Pagkalinawan (president, Boutique Y3K) was stationed at a case selling promotional items to benefit MOUSE (www.nymouse.org). Tom Tuomela (senior manager, marketing and merchandising, TWEC.com) showed us downstairs where the artists hung out before the show. The ceremony featured special performances by such legendary hip-hop acts as Chuck D, Naughty By Nature, Grandmaster Flash and DMC of Run-DMC. Two other twec.com-ers were busy at work too: Eric Fribush was setting up the on-line chat that Jim Smith would be moderating. Back upstairs were Kamuti Kiteme of SonicNet and Andrew Raisej (Digital Club Network and MOUSE) along with over 100 other hippers, hoppers, and rappers!