Friday, March 12, 1999

TCS Intro: published 3/12/99 ~ Publisher's Note ~ A Roaring March

Roar! March is roaring along and the Alley is doing a good job of keeping pace.

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3. NY Rock & Internet Expo
4. Barbie Turns 40 (gasp!)
5. Wine Tasting in the afternoon
6. The One Club Awards
7. All the other events
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9. Upcoming Events
10. Check out the Web site for John's Vancouver report and Anne's social wanderings!

In honor of Women's History Month, I thought I'd share some names of (famous and not-so-famous) women who have been influencers in my life and/or impressed me as I continue on my journey: My Mom, My Sister, Stacey, Kimberly, Kim, Ainsley, My Grandmothers, Tery, Linda Stone, Emily Davidow, Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Pina Bausch, St. Joan, Barbara, Judith, Ruth, Josephine Baker, Amelia Earhart, Coco Chanel, Charlotte Perkins, Calamity Jane, Grace Hopper, Adrienne Rich, Nellie Bly, Harriet Tubman, Mary Harriman, Madame Dumont (Moustache), Aphra Behn, Rita Mae Brown, Dr. Mary Walker, Gertrude Stein, Mary Wollstonecraft, Alice Paul ...

"Surfin' With Courtney" MSG's MetroByte ( show where I reviewed Rock-related web sites. Check back on The Cyber for streaming video of all the shows I've been a guest on.

AP Cyberspace writer Chris Allbritton was so kind as to mention me, along with Stacey Horn of ECHOnyc, and Rufus Griscom and Genevieve Fields of Nerve, as the NYC interesting content makers for the Silicon Planet piece. Here are 2 links:
San Francisco Chronicle:

Sign-on San Diego:

A story about "My Friend Jane" by Kim Park: