Wednesday, February 17, 1999

The World Trade's WorkWorld

Meanwhile, on the other side of the tip of the island, WorkWorld was underway at the World Trade Center. Many of the companies present reported receipts of 400-500 resumes during the event and Stewart Ashenberg, VP and COO of InPlace said that the event went wonderfully. The organization of the event was much better than Recruit99 according to Mark Hochberg, VP of BlackRock and Jay Patel of Snickelways Interactive was pleased with the turnout too. The Joke-of-the-day team Eric Targan and David Talon were laughing all the way through with the banner turnout. Just down the corridor Leon Greene of Globix was thumbing through a phone book sized pile of resumes, looking quietly elegant in his sharp suit. It must run in the family because his brother Justin Greene, of GCDi, has the same peaceful quality. And now back to our currently scheduled frenzy… account executive Jim Opfinger and regional marketing manager of Student Advantage David Laubner were also packing it up after a full day of recruiting and Cheryl Young of and Marilyn Delacruz of Comrise Technology looked like they had a full day as well.