Friday, February 26, 1999

Cocktails with Courtney ~ Spy Bar

As if Wednesday wasn't busy enough, the night had a few celebrations including my February "Cocktails With Courtney" and the SAR party. Held in the Spy Bar this month's event had over 200 guests. There was a great mix of old friends and new ones.

Some people from the IT at Wall Street show came by (Interwoven) and a few WWWAC and Webgrrls members came out too. Baba, Sanjoy and Jim from Goldman Sachs, Bob Wyman, Sanford Cohen (Ergo-Tech), and David Drimer were among early attendees. Dominique Ellner and Harold Neidhardt of Pixelpark stopped by, as did Eileen Shulock (Clique), Tristan Louis (Pencom), and long-time-no-see Cliff Ainsworth! Anne Yoakam, always a helpful friend and talented writer, met some of the folks from NBC too, namely Andrea Preziotti and Chris and Sharyl Volpe. Kevin Sickles of Sun brought a whole contingent of people from Exodus, Christian Frerecks of Marketwatch, Harold Van Arnem (, Greg Matuskiewicz of 2Can and Jasmine Lam of brought Ann Nakamura (TV producer for E! Entertainment). Binky Melnik and Catherine Skidmore, two women I know via email buy never met in person came by too. Nick Boris (ABC) and Chip Lewis (MSG) had a chance to talk TV production shop. Howard Greenstein (Microsoft) and Kevin Werbach (Release 1.0) were among the party hoppers.

NYNMA's Executive Director Alice O'Rourke spent some quality time in the plush red velvet-ed lounge with a friend of hers. Bernardo Joselevich (Duty Free Guides) generously offered picture-taking services. A whole Russian contingent showed up too! Ivan and Anya Elieshevich, Alyona Makeeva, Stas, Dasha, Marina Kolesnik, Michael Zaitsev, Sol Zlotchenko and David Garvoille were a few of them. Dennis Adamo (Vison Consulting), Sachin Shar (PR @vantage), Ilya Ravich were others that relaxed on the increasingly colder night. Jeffrey Kurek of Concentric and my neighbors Jonathan Zer and Anna and Simon came by to check out what this Cocktails With Courtney was all about! Of course, my dad Arthur and cousin Justin were there from the start to help me with setup and breakdown (of props, not emotionally!) I must say, having so many supportive people in one's life is one of the richest gifts one can have!